deliver candidates over lengthy reports

We understand that when organisations are adapting to new market forces, bringing the best individuals on board to contribute to the transitioning of the business in a time and cost effective manner is paramount. Our methodology and fee structure are therefore geared to the successful hiring of appropriate individuals rather than the generation of lengthy reports.

Our professional approach results in respect, success and the trust of clients and candidates. Our ongoing relationships with clients enable CLW Associates to accumulate knowledge and increase our understanding of their businesses, thereby better enabling us to assist clients

achieve their business goals. This is further enhanced by the fact that our consulting teams comprise only senior, experienced recruitment and industry professionals who maintain direct contact with both clients and candidates throughout the recruitment life cycle.

We invest considerable time gaining an understanding of our clients businesses and cultures. Prior to commencing any campaign we endeavour to meet existing personnel in similar roles within our clients organisations in order to gain the best possible insight into the way any position is structured to better determine the best profile for potential candidates.


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